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our mission

Our mission is to bring the best security and privacy-enhancing services to the market.

We're starting with VPN, a web proxy, and encrypted online storage, and will be adding hosting and other solutions to help with email, IM, and social networking over time.

secure your communications!

We offer Virtual Private Network (VPN) and web proxy services to help shield you from the 'dragnets' invading your privacy on the Internet.

Unprotected browsing compromises your privacy by exposing your identity and activities to web site operators, criminals, and blanket Internet monitoring programs.

secure your files!

Protect your files in the cloud with our storage services.

Unless you're doing encryption on all of your laptops, mobile devices, desktops, and servers, your cloud files are not truly protected! We're offering online storage with verifiable "hosting proof" security, where all encryption is done on your end and we have no access to your data.

and beyond...

We'll both be enhancing our initial offerings (to add ToR-like functionality to our VPN and proxy services), and will be adding private secured hosting to allow you to run your own email, IM, btsync, and other software at our well-connected facilities.

why havenco?

Our goal is to get you access to the best privacy-protecting services, from your Mac, Linux, Windows, and mobile devices.

And to give options for each service based on verifiable Open Source Software.

We're launching with well-connected global infrastructure, deployed in over 20 countries.

And we're partnered with Sealand, who has been inspiring freedom seekers for decades.

auditing and warrant canaries

We'll be launching with warrant canary notices (to assert that we haven't been forced to log user activities) for every service and for every backend, but...

Longer term, we're working to build external auditing that will use our configuration and code repositories to conduct regular as well as random audits across our services, and post independent notices letting our customers know whether or where snooping has been enabled.


The main data servers and communication gateways aren't on Sealand, but we are working with Sealand to:

  • Offer encrypted storage of encryption keys on Sealand
  • Offer cold data storage on Sealand later this year as an option
  • havenco news

    beta is in full swing! everyone should have coupon codes by now

    Dec 4, 2013

    The beta site launched Aug 26, and we have sent out coupon codes to all those who signed up on the mailing list. If you did not receive one, it may have been filtered out. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will send you another. People who sign up now should receive coupons within a few days. Again, if you do not receive one, let us know at [email protected]. The coupons let you sign up for two free months of service on the beta version of the four initial services - the LAFS-based storage, S3-compatible storage, VPN, and web proxy services. Documentation is improved, and includes set up instructions for VPN clients for Ubuntu desktop, Apple iOS devices, Android (pre-"Ice Cream Sandwich" and Version 4+), Windows, and Mac OSX.

    coupon codes going out next two weeks

    Aug 18, 2013

    We've started to sending out coupon codes to those who signed up for the mailing list. These will let you sign up for the beta version of the four initial services - the LAFS-based storage, S3-compatible storage, VPN, and web proxy services. Documentation is light right now and the VPN client is few weeks away, but we'll flesh the docs and FAQs out during the beta period.

    leastauthority launches LAFS-based S4 service

    Jul 18, 2013

    Our friends at have announced their new S4 and coming Magic Folder and RAIC services. Congratulations, and thanks to Zooko and team for helping us get our LAFS offering going. We are hoping to work with leastauthority soon to offer multi-provider client-encrypted storage using LAFS.

    havenco seeking LAFS testers

    Jul 18, 2013

    We posted (here) on the tahoe-dev list a background for LAFS afficianados and are soliciting early testers for the private LAFS storage clusters. The official LAFS site posted a link, thanks!

    new site posted

    Jul 15, 2013

    We've had our landing page up for a few months now and as we get closer to first release we've put up a first version of the new site. We should have the first FAQs up this week, and we expect to add a linked blog next weekend as well. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments to [email protected]

    havenco at defcon 21

    Jul 15, 2013

    The HavenCo tech team and the Royal Family (Michael, James, and Liam) will be attending Defcon August 1-4 in Las Vegas. We'll have some lightweight social events, to be announced later this month and we're looking forward to comments and feedback, as well as lots of tough questions...

    free hosting for privacy-concerned startups

    Jul 10, 2013

    If you're working on a privacy-concerned startup we're open to helping you get started with some bandwidth and hosting. Right now we can offer US and Amsterdam, with more sites coming if we start getting user traction over time. Even if we compete now, we're planning on partnering with others in the space to do infrastructure auditing and drive the market for affordable secure hosting so we'd like to hear from you - ping us at [email protected]

    blog topics

    Jul 10, 2013

    We'll be blogging over the next few months about our infrastructure, the base technologies, all of our coming features, and our plans to do auditable configuration and deployment. Please write if there are any topics you'd like to hear more about the thought process or of plans for.


    Jul 1, 2013

    Just some quick links about the Least-Authority File System, to both the project and community and to - they have an existing LAFS offering and we hope to work with them and others in the future to offer a secure storage offering that can survive failure of any one or more of the backend providers.


    privacy-enhanced online storage

    We're launching a next-generation online storage service for those concerned with privacy and security of their data. Features include:

  • Client-side encryption, so we have no access to your data
  • Client-side metadata (with LAFS) so it's all bits to us
  • Dispersed erasure-coded storage, so no 1 location has all of any file
  • S3-compatible storage buckets as an augment to your LAFS cluster
  • User-controllable download logging (optionally down to 0)
  • first launch features

    Our first offering will be launching in July, and will offer private LAFS clusters, S3 buckets, and tutorials about how to use both systems securely for backups and synchronization.


    Once that service is launched, we'll invest from the revenue in building additional functionality (for example, client-side manifests/metadata), and try to have both an auditable open source client and work with makers of commercial client software for Mac, Windows, and mobile to work with our storage services.


    • multiple protocol

      We're offering a truly end-end encrypted, secure, and private offering based on LAFS, as well as S3-compatibile buckets
    • supported

      We'll help you figure out the best tradeoff of security, speed, and convenience, and no matter what you do, help ensure your privacy.
    • auditing: internal and external

      Automatically deployed and audited infrastructure, with 3rd party auditing coming later in 2013.
    • globally distributed

      You choose how many sites you want your data stored across, for every class of data you have.
    • havenco labs

      We're committed to developing internally and also to partnering with the open source community to continue to roll features for our customers.
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    • Launch Special
    • $60 for 1 year
    • Includes Low Volume VPN service
    • 5 GB bucket
    • US and EU storage servers
    • Private LAFS cloud
    • S3-compatible buckets
    • sign up
      for beta
    • Pro Storage Plan
    • $10.00/month
    • Includes Low Volume VPN service
    • 50 GB bucket
    • US and EU storage servers
    • Private LAFS cloud
    • S3-compatible buckets
    • sign up
      for beta
    • Combo Storage+VPN
    • $17.50/month
    • Includes Global VPN service
    • 50 GB bucket
    • US and EU storage servers
    • Private LAFS cloud
    • S3-compatible buckets
    • sign up
      for beta


    vpn overview

    Our global VPN service, HavenVPN, offers a classic distributed VPN service, a web proxy (to enforce hiding of cookies, referrer, and other user information as you surf), and a 0-logging DNS service. Future features will include "multi-hopping" across locations to add a supported and fast ToR-like functionality, all under your control.

    resolving dns included, no traffic redirection

    We include a free 0-logging resolving DNS server (with external 0-log auditing coming soon), initially usable from our VPN service and potentially in the future open to off-net use.

    Further, we promise to not intercept HTTP or other traffic for search monetization. If customers do want site blocking or filtering as a service, that'll only be enabled under user control.

    minimal and disclosed logging

    We'll be running two parallel VPN networks, one with 0-logging at fewer sites but limited connectivity support, and one with bcrypt-hashed flow logging at more 'edge' sites around the world - we'll have a blog entry soon with more details.

    specified and audited infrastructure

    Because our systems, where possible, are all deployed from source code and specified configurations, we can run internal auditing and will soon be partnering to have independent 3rd party auditing of our infrastructure and privacy claims.


    • your privacy respected

      We've architected our offerings to capture the minimum data required and will always let you know what that is, per service and per site.
    • compatible with windows, linux, mac, and mobile

      Supporting OpenVPN, IPSEC, and PPTP, with a free desktop client for Mac and Windows, allowing you to see usage and select proxy nodes.
    • included web proxy

      Go beyond VPN privacy and filter cookies, referrer, and browser-identifying HTTP headers, on or off our VPN network.
    • starting in 20 countries

      To start with, we will have 20 countries you can connect to at initial rollout, and you can select any of them as your point of connection.
    • havenco labs

      After launch we'll roll out ToR-like functionality for the VPN and proxy service, and will move on to other features based on your feedback.
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    • Low Volume VPN
    • $20 once for 4 years!
    • 300 kbits/sec rate-limited access
    • US and EU servers
    • Crypto-hashed logging
    • -
    • sign up
      for beta
    • Global Pro VPN
    • $10.00/month
    • No user-based rate-limiting
    • Over 50 VPN servers in more than 20 countries
    • Zero-logging servers available (user choice)
    • -
    • sign up
      for beta
    • Combo VPN+Storage
    • $17.50/month
    • No user-based rate-limiting
    • Over 50 VPN servers in more than 20 countries
    • Zero-logging servers available (user choice)
    • Includes Pro Storage plan (50GB of LAFS + S3-compatible)
    • sign up
      for beta

    havenco hosting

    why hosting?

    As we look beyond storage and VPN services, there are two main areas where providing verifiably private hosting makes sense:

    First, for email - it's incredibly difficult to make a robust and secure shared email platform, but there are already a number of projects to combine open source offerings to make a 'mailserver in a box'. We'd like to help people find, install, and use such systems, and provide a stable but privacy-respecting home for them to run.

    Second, for IM, VOIP, and peer-to-peer file and other services. Running software on your laptops and home machines is great but for those wanting stable connectivity and power, it's hard to find hosting you can verifiably trust.

    what's the plan?

    We are planning to offer affordable hosted dedicated servers wrapped in a layer of physical and operational security.

    the software

    You can run whatever you want on the servers (subject to published AUPs), but we'll be offering optional assistance identifying, installing, and running email, IM, and other open source software systems.

    physical security

    Every server has an LED USB adapter displaying an ever-changing code you can use to verify it is your server and has not been rebooted, and is 'on camera' with a feed pushed to any cloud you like.

    operational security

    Our default builds will keep everything on encrypted partitions and you set the operational procedures for what's required to bring your systems back online after reboot.

    streaming secure disk/backup

    Run your server 'diskful' or mount your active filesystem encrypted from our high availability local storage.


    havenco and sealand

    Our current services are largely focused around highly distributed communications and storage offerings, with security provided by software and architecture rather than physical location or overarching jurisdiction. However, there are a number of ways that Sealand and the Royal Family are involved with HavenCo: We will be offering a cold archive service for customers that want data archived on Sealand (planned for Q3 2013) The Royal Family is actively participating in the management of HavenCo Metadata for many of our services will be hosted partially or completely on Sealand We're open to launching more open collocation over time on Sealand though that's not our initial focus

    collocation on sealand

    We still get multiple inquiries a month asking about placing machines on Sealand, or renting virtual private servers or VMs. The main challenge now is bringing bandwidth in large enough quantities, and reliably enough, to make it a real alternative to collocating in a traditional facility.

    However, we're interested in hearing about any ideas you might have for backend servers that can take temporary outages and don't need more than a few hundred kilobits to a megabit or so to do work of value, so feel free to ping us with ideas or queries.

    faq categories

    contact (map location will be updated shortly...)


    HAVENCO 1002

    c/o Sealand Post Bag

    Felixstowe, Suffolk IP119SZ GB


    Email: [email protected]


    Twitter: @ecryptolibertas

    Facebook: ecryptolibertas

    51.8944° N, 1.4825° E